How it works ?

Ample is an app and meter device-based product, targeted at communities to help reduce their environmental impact by using ‘nudge’ theory. An intelligent ‘meter’ connects directly to the wires on the electricity meter, and sends data to a personalised app, giving deep insights into energy consumption and identifying energy waste ‘hotspots’.

Within the community (a university campus for example), a cap and trade system, based on a nested public-private NEM blockchain platform, allows users to earn tokens from each other that can be used for discounts in shops and cafes as a reward for behaviour change.

At the institutional level (university campuses), a range of hard and soft behavioural incentives reduce or eliminate energy waste on campus. These two systems combined have the potential to save universities millions of dollars in electricity bills every year and at a very low cost.

Think Switches change defaults plug from on / off
Think Remotes, use low aversion to make user think before using devices
Social referencing holds users account-able to their peers

About Ample

Ample is a team of engineers, designers, and researchers who are passionate about bringing innovations in technology and psychology to bear on energy efficiency and demand management and building. When communities and businesses want to reduce their demand for electricity and hence fossil fuels, we will be the first place to go.

Ample only works if the community grows. The more people that join the community, the more benefits for everyone.the more places to spend your tokens, the more people to trade with, and the more energy saved. Which is good for you and good for the planet!

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